CBCT Scanning

The Difference CBCT Scanning Can Make

At Utah Surgical Arts, the accuracy of your diagnosis is paramount. We see to it that all patients receive the most sophisticated diagnostic imaging required to make the most accurate diagnosis of your oral and maxillofacial problem through the use of cone beam 3D CT scanning technology. By making an accurate diagnosis, Dr. Michael Harris, Dr. David Park, Dr. Jared Brown, and Dr. Eric Wood can plan the treatment for your condition that ensures optimal correction and recovery.

The cone beam 3D CT scan provides additional information that cannot be obtained through conventional methods, such as X-rays and helps our surgeons to identify the best surgical procedure for the problem at hand. These scans can help eliminate surprises during treatment, prevent unnecessary procedures, and better prepare us for your upcoming surgery, which results in less operating time and fewer complications for you.

If you have not already received a 3D CT scan prior to your initial consultation, you may receive one during your first visit to our office.