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Meet Greg

Dr. Harris and his team treated him like a king.

Hi, my name is Greg; I live in Orem, UT. I came here to have some dental work done. I guess it involved removing all of what left I had with my teeth at once and having false ones put in for a while, and then coming back in a few months later when I healed and having implants put in — all performed by Dr. Harris and his crew. I didn’t know what to expect, but they treated me like a king, to be honest. They kept in contact with me to ask how I was doing before the next procedure, which would have been the implants about six months later. Again, I walked away, and I was pretty much pain free and happy for a person that actually went to the dentist. To me, they were absolutely awesome. I am totally comfortable with what’s in my mouth. The confidence I have, the smile and everything is absolutely fantastic. I’ve had no discomfort, cleaning them is easy, the care is easy with them. I would 100% recommend it. I can eat anything; there’s nothing I haven’t been able to eat. I’ve eaten hard candy, ice cream, steaks, nuts — everything totally comfortable — something I’ve never really done for the last 20 years of my life until this procedure. I would recommend them to anybody, for sure — you know, I am sitting here now. I’m not a beautiful person but look at my teeth.

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