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Meet Lataya

Dr. Park talked her through the whole restoration process.

I am Lataya, and I am from American Fork, Utah. I got hit in the face with a baseball on a Saturday night, and I ended up breaking my tooth. So we went to the Emergency Room, and they were like, "Oh, you know, we have to call Utah Surgical Arts." So when we got here, Dr. Park made me feel very comfortable. He greeted me, and he was like, "So you’re going to have to have surgery," and I got pretty nervous, but he was like "You’re going to do just fine, and I’ll make sure you feel comfortable before you go to sleep," and he talked me through the whole way through. He put braces from right here all the way across to right here so that my tooth — when it got cracked up in its socket — it’ll heal back to what it was. It’s not fun to have these, but it's good that I’ll have my tooth instead of having to get a fake one. Dr. Park is a good person — he’s a great doctor.

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