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Meet Zach

After seeing Dr. Park, he is sleeping soundly and healthily.

I’m Zach. I’m from Lehi. I went and had a sleep study done; I was missing out on a lot of sleep. I didn’t realize how much, with 72 interruptions an hour. I know I didn’t fit the physical profile a lot of the time that comes with sleep apnea patients, but I came here on a referral from a family member. I met with Dr. Park, and he addressed a lot of his concerns about my sleep apnea. We talked about a whole bunch of different solutions, and coming up with the resolution that we did with Dr. Park has made my life and sleeping a lot better, and I wake up more refreshed in the morning. Where I live, in Lehi, it’s getting to be a big city; it growing real big. I associate with people in my profession all throughout northern Utah County, and if I had one place to send them for help, Dr. Park turned out to be not just like a physician or a doctor but he was actually like a buddy. So it was real comfortable to talk with him, and I’d recommend my friends to come and talk to him if they needed the same kind of help.

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