Oral Pathology

Any irregularities in the normally smooth and coral pink color of your mouth should be assessed by a trained oral pathologist.

Oral Pathology

What does oral pathology mean?

Just like any other part of the body, the mouth and face can be subject to pathologic growths or lesions that require the care of an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

Soft Tissue Pathology

The lining of the mouth, or oral mucosa, is normally a smooth, healthy pink color. It is very important to pay attention to any changes in the appearance of these tissues.

While many oral lesions are benign (not cancerous), the following alterations or lesions can be signs of a more aggressive pathologic process or cancerous growth:

These changes can be seen in the lips, cheek, palate, tongue, floor of mouth, gums, face, and/or neck.

It is important to note that pain is not always present with oral pathology even though there may be a serious problem.

After your doctor performs a thorough medical history and physical examination, he may recommend that a biopsy be performed. A biopsy is a simple procedure usually only requiring local anesthesia. A sample of the abnormal tissue, or in some cases all of the tissue, is removed and sent to a pathologist, who examines the tissue under a microscope to confirm the diagnosis. This will help your surgeon determine if any additional treatment is necessary.

Hard Tissue Pathology

In addition to lesions of the skin and mucosa lining the oral cavity, a variety of pathological lesions may affect the jaw bones or the teeth.

Tumors or cysts are growths that commonly appear in the mandible or maxilla and are often associated with an impacted tooth. Tumors are usually solid in nature while cysts are fluid-filled sacs that expand like a balloon within the jaw bone. While tumors and cysts in the jaw bones are most commonly benign, they can be locally destructive, growing and expanding within the jaw, causing significant problems if left untreated.

Where can I get oral pathology treated in Utah County?

Drs. Harris, Park, Brown, and Wood of Utah Surgical Arts maintain three practice offices located in South Jordan, Provo, and Payson, UT, serving all of Utah County and Salt Lake County and are available to schedule your surgery at any of their locations.

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