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Meet Jessica

She needed a tooth extracted before it grew improperly.

So, I had a tooth that was growing in, but it was a third tooth. Usually, you just have the baby and the permanent, but I had a third one that we didn’t expect to be there, but it was growing behind all my teeth, through the top of my mouth, and it hurt. So, we wanted to pull it out before it fully grew — it’d be weird. I was kind of nervous. I was afraid it might hurt my mouth since I was pulling something out from behind where my teeth are supposed to grow. Dr. Harris — he was actually really nice. When he pulled my tooth, we used laughing gas. It went pretty quick. I don’t really remember it very well. It was just so quick and easy, and I didn’t really feel any pain at all. If any of my friends in Provo, Orem, or Alpine needed to have a tooth extracted, I would definitely tell them to come to Dr. Harris because he’s great.

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