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Meet Brady

Video Review

Brady appreciated how welcoming and energetic Dr. Park and the staff were. His bone graft procedure was explained thoroughly and healed well.

Brady got a bone graft at Utah Surgical Arts in Provo, UT

Brady's Story

"I’m Brady from Utah, and I had a bone graft. When I walked in, I was kind of nervous and they just kind of embraced me and helped me feel welcomed. It’s really fun to come into the office. Everybody’s very energetic and very excited to be here—to work here. Dr. Park’s a really nice guy. He came in, he became a quick friend, and with the help of the staff, they helped me understand what to expect and what to do. I had a wonderful experience. I would give Utah Surgical Arts five stars. For my friends in Lehi and in Provo, I highly recommend Utah Surgical Arts."

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