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Meet Jeran

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Jeren had an All-on-4® treatment concept procedure to restore his smile. His new teeth feel natural, look wonderful, and have greatly improved his quality of life.

Jaran underwent a full arch restoration at Utah Surgical Arts in Payson, UT

Jeran's Story

"Hi, my name's Jeran. I currently live in Springfield, Utah. I had a bunch of missing teeth and some broken, chipped ones and some rotting and just needed quite a bit of work done. I came in, and I met with Dr. Harris and Dr. Park both, and they came up with a plan, and they ended up doing what they call the All-on-4® procedure, which is basically they removed all my teeth and then put four implants on the top and bottom and then attached these teeth to them, and I have no complaints about recovery or time it took. They feel natural. I can tell right where I'm biting, right where I'm chewing, and nobody knows. The whole experience was just wonderful working with the staff and the doctors here at Utah Surgical Arts. I highly recommend it and just great people to work with."

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