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Meet Michelle

Video Review

Michelle was impressed with Dr. Park’s knowledge, credentials, and skill. Her All-on-4® treatment concept procedure was successful, and she couldn’t be happier with her results.

Michelle had a full arch restoration at Utah Surgical Arts in South Jordan, UT

Michelle's Story

"I'm Michelle from Orem, UT, and I came to Utah Surgical Arts because at 7 years old, I was involved in a playground accident that I broke all of my upper anterior teeth. After that happened, I went through crowns and appliances and different procedures, and as I had permanent teeth and baby teeth still coming in, it was hard to know with my growth what would be applicable to my situation. I had a great relationship with my dentist for over 25 years, and he suggested that I come to Utah Surgical Arts for a consultation with Dr. Park. I was especially impressed that Dr. Park was an MD because it's such a dramatic procedure for myself, and the minute I met him, I felt comfortable with the staff, with the financials, the consultation. Everything went excellent. My recovery was right on schedule. I went back to work, and then we scheduled to do the All-on-4. I felt like we worked with the laboratory, with Dr. Park, and with all of the staff that I felt comfortable. I wasn't inhibited, embarrassed at all about the situation. The All-on-4, after I had it, I healed right on target, how I was supposed to. Less than a month later, I was at my son's wedding and smiling big and brightly. I definitely suggest that you go to Dr. Park, that you have the consultation, feel comfortable with your decision, that you can definitely be confident in Utah Surgical Arts."

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