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Meet Dr. Hanson

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Dr. Hanson enjoys working with Utah Surgical Arts and refers his patients to them because of their great level of care and expertise.

Dr. Hanson refers his patients to Utah Surgical Arts in South Jordan, UT

Dr. Hanson's Story

"I refer patients to Utah Surgical Arts due to the quality of work that they do here, the expertise of the doctors that are here, and the way they make my patients feel. The relationship between my office and the office at Utah Surgical Arts is pretty seamless. The staff is really easy to work with, and what’s convenient about Utah Surgical Arts is usually if I have a patient that is in need of immediate work, my staff can call their staff and they can usually fit them in immediately. The doctors here at Utah Surgical Arts are really knowledgeable. They are really good at their craft. They are very good at what they do, and they are technicians of the art of oral surgery. I plan to continue to refer patients to Utah Surgical Arts."

Better Patient Experiences Are Found Here

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