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Meet Tara

Dr. Harris was quick to establish an efficient care plan.

I’m Tara, and I live in Provo. We went in for a well-check at the dentist’s office, and I was just sitting in the waiting room, waiting, and the dentist came and got me and had a concern and showed me an X-ray he was really worried about. He had already spoke to Dr. Park and already had an appointment and sent me straight up here, and we discovered that she had a cyst in her jaw bone that had deteriorated her jaw bone to the point where if she ate anything more than a crust of bread — tougher than that — she would break her jaw bone. That was a lot to take in in one day. They were so great to us. I felt so comfortable and at ease. There was lots of decisions to make and lots of choices, and several times I looked at Dr. Park and said, "What would you do if this was your kid?" When he told me, I knew without a doubt that he was telling me the truth and that he would help me do what it takes to get her better and to handle the situation. I would recommend Utah Surgical Arts to anyone, and I’m very, very grateful that I met them and came here.

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