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Meet Dr. Brown

Dr. Brown knows that when he refers patients here, they will be taken care of.

I refer my patients to Utah Surgical Arts because they care about my patients; because when they come here, even though they may be treated by them, by other doctors, Dr. Park, Dr. Brown, and Dr. Harris, they’re still my patients, and I want whoever takes care of my patients to take care of them as much as I feel that I would take care of my own. Working relationship between our office and theirs is smooth, seamless. There are things that we have to do working together. They do a great job of communicating with us, what we need, and what that next step is, and also when, the time frame. So, it works really, really well. Dr. Brown is the best. I admire him personally, professionally, and he is great, and I would have him do anything on me that I would need to have done, so I will continue to refer patients to Utah Surgical Arts.

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