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Meet Dr. Ellis

He has been referring patients to Utah Surgical Arts for over 10 years.

Hi, my name is Dr. Chad Ellis; I'm a dentist here in Provo. We have an emphasis on cosmetic dentistry. Quality is top-notch to us; it's very, very important. So we hand pick the specialists that we work with, and we have chosen to work with Utah Surgical Arts. We know that the quality of their work is on the same level as ours, and we feel like it's an extension of our office. When we send patients to Dr. Harris and Dr. Park, we know they're going to be taken care of as if they were in our office and going to be getting the same attention to detail that they're going to get at our practice. I've been referring to Utah Surgical Arts for over 10 years and don't plan on changing anything; plan on being with them for as long as I practice.

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