Professionals recommend removing wisdom teeth early to avoid future complications, like infection or impaction.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are also called third molars and emerge through the gums usually between the ages of 17 and 25. They are the very last molars to develop. The problem with wisdom teeth is that there is often not enough space in our mouths for these molars to grow in properly. Oral health problems such as impaction (teeth that are trapped beneath the gums), crowding, infections, and other painful and expensive dental issues can result. If your dentist discovers that there is not enough room for your wisdom teeth to grow in properly, you may be referred to a trusted oral surgery practice such as Utah Surgical Arts in South Jordan, UT, for wisdom teeth removal.

Why should I have my wisdom teeth removed in South Jordan, UT?

Most oral and maxillofacial surgeons encourage patients to consider early removal of the third molars before any oral health problems arise. Wisdom teeth removal is a very common procedure at our South Jordan, UT, location. In addition to preventing any oral health problems, younger patients (15–17) may significantly benefit from proactive wisdom extraction with reduced surgical complications and a much quicker recovery time than our older patients.

Early removal of third molars can also prevent third molars from becoming impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause significant problems in the mouth. In some cases, impacted third molars remain stuck beneath the gum and jaw bone. Other oral health complications that can be avoided by early wisdom tooth removal include

  • Swelling, stiffness, tenderness, pain, and bad breath — all signs of periodontal disease
  • Dental crowding or shifting, which disrupts natural tooth alignment
  • Cysts and tumors that can irreversibly damage the jaw bone, teeth, and surrounding tissues
  • Cavities from bacterial growth

The trusted doctors at Utah Surgical Arts will be happy to consult with you to customize a treatment plan that delivers the highest level of care before, during, and after your procedure. Our oral surgeons have extensive training beyond dental school, coupled with years of experience.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure in South Jordan, UT

During your consultation appointment at our South Jordan office, your Utah Surgical Arts oral surgeon will review your medical history and perform a thorough examination of your mouth and jaw, including X-rays. Your surgical options, as well as your anesthesia and sedation options, will be discussed and determined, and any questions that you may have will be answered. Your pre- and post-operative instructions will be given to you at this time as well. We strongly encourage you to review these instructions thoroughly before your surgery so that you are fully prepared for your procedure.

Your procedure will begin according to your customized treatment plan, with the administration of the anesthetic that you discussed and chose with your doctor. Most patients choose IV anesthetic for their wisdom teeth removal, which will put you into a sleep-like state until the procedure is over. If you do choose IV anesthesia, you will need a designed driver to come with you to your appointment.

A molar that is impacted (partially or completely beneath the gums) requires the oral surgeon to expose the tooth and remove any bone that may be blocking its path. For larger or more difficult to remove molars, the surgeon may break the tooth into smaller pieces to allow for complete removal. Once the teeth are removed, the surgical sites will be stitched closed, and you will rest in our office until the anesthesia wears off. Your designated driver will take you home to rest and recover.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in South Jordan, UT

The doctors at Utah Surgical Arts serve Utah County and Salt Lake County and maintain three locations in South Jordan, Provo, and Payson, UT. If your dentist has recommended that you have your wisdom teeth removed, or if you suspect that you may need to have your wisdom teeth extracted, we encourage you to contact any one of our offices to make an appointment. Removing wisdom teeth gives us the opportunity to help you prevent the oral health problems that can arise when these teeth develop incorrectly. The doctors at Utah Surgical Arts have undergone years of extensive training beyond dental school, are highly qualified to provide you with specialty care, and can address any issue that may arise before, during, or after your procedure.