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Meet Alicia

Video Review

The doctors and staff made Alicia’s wisdom teeth removal an enjoyable and easy experience. She appreciated how kind and accommodating the doctors and staff were.

Alicia underwent orthognathic surgery at Utah Surgical Arts in Provo, UT

Alicia's Story

"My name is Alicia Bine, and I am from Spanish Fork, UT, and I came to Dr. Harris to have my jaw realigned and readjusted, and I had some orthognathic surgery provided for me. Dr. Harris is just such a great guy; it was a life-changing experience for me. As the father of Alicia, she'd had an apparatus in her mouth from the time she was 8 years old until the time we finally sat down with Dr. Harris here in his facility. We said, "We’ve got to do some pretty serious things here. This is cold hard truth: We need to surgically break her jaw and move it forward." I’ll tell you, as a father, that’s pretty emotional when you hear your child’s going to have a surgery like that, and it’s needed to happen because years later she won’t be able to chew food or to function. So, when we did that, I felt very secure. I’ve known Dr. Harris for a very long time. To me, he’s the best in the state and one of the premier in the nation. I have no doubt about that. So we’re just really, really happy, really excited, and I’m just so grateful for the life change that he’s made in her life."

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