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Meet Kathryn

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Kathyrn was suffering from lockjaw and underbite problems. Jaw surgery has relieved her discomfort and improved her self-confidence.

Kathryn underwent corrective jaw surgery at Utah Surgical Arts in Payson, UT

Kathryn's Story

"My name is Kathryn. I live in Highland, UT, and I came to Utah Surgical Arts as it was kind of a package deal with my braces. I had a pretty severe underbite and started to get lockjaw, and as a singer, that’s not a good thing to have. So, I came to get all that fixed and have been so grateful that I went. I don’t have my problems anymore. I’ve always been self-conscious of my jaw. Growing up, my nickname was "chisel chin" because I have a pointier chin, and it was even more pronounced when I was younger with that underbite. After fixing it, I actually like my profile now, and I never did before. If you live in Highland or Orem or Springville, I recommend coming to Utah Surgical Arts. The doctors were fabulous, and the staff is really great to work with."

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