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Meet Cathie

Video Review

Cathie’s daughter needed surgery to correct a jaw abnormality. They both felt comfortable that Dr. Harris was an oral surgeon and physician, and he did a wonderful job.

Cathie had oral surgery at Utah Surgical Arts in Provo, UT

Cathie's Story

"My name is Cathie, and I live in Elk Ridge, Utah. We came in because my daughter had a jaw abnormality that required a jaw surgery, so we came in to see Dr. Harris. I was very nervous about bringing her in for surgery. She's never had surgery before, so she's never been under anesthetic. We knew that surgery was going to be pretty extensive and pretty painful. It settled my nerves as a mother to know that we were seeing a medical doctor, and Dr. Harris is very confident, filled us in very well on what he was going to do — that did help me to feel a lot better about what was going to happen. She was off pain pills in a week, so we're only two and a half weeks into this, and she is doing fantastic. I would absolutely recommend Utah Surgical Arts to anyone. They did an excellent job, and they were great with my daughter."

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