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Meet Viviana

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Viviana had suffered for years with severe jaw issues. Dr. Harris performed her surgery, and she’s gained so much confidence

Viviana had jaw surgery at Utah Surgical Arts in South Jordan, UT

Viviana's Story

"My name is Viviana. I live in Pleasant Grove, Utah, and I had upper and lower jaw surgery here at Utah Surgical Arts. I had a severe jaw issue, and from a very early age, I knew that at one point in my life, I was going to have to go through jaw surgery. But I was very nervous and just concerned about it until I met Dr. Harris and his Utah Surgical Arts team, and they’ve really helped me to just feel at peace and very confident about going through the surgery. My experience throughout the process of surgery was really amazing. Every time I would come to the office, everybody was so kind and nice and just very encouraging throughout the whole process. After I had the surgery, I was very, very amazed at my recovery; it went so smooth. I had barely any bruising or swelling. Well, the jaw surgery that I had just completely changed my life in many ways. It didn’t only help me to gain better health, but it also really increased my confidence level so I began to do a lot of the things that I’ve always wanted to do in my life. But just before surgery, I was lacking a little bit of the confidence and also I had a lot of health issues. So, it completely changed my life. I started my own company not so long ago, and now I’m in the process of recording my own music album — music has always been a real passion for me. So, it changed my life dramatically."

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