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Meet Paige

Video Review

The staff here was very personable and funny, which made Paige feel more comfortable. Her wisdom teeth removal went great, and she’s so glad she came to this practice.

Paige WT dekstop

Paige's Story

"Hi, my name is Paige, I'm from Provo, and I came to Utah Surgical Arts to get my wisdom teeth removed. The practice here is super comforting. They took the time to explain everything to me. It made me feel really comfortable and like I was taken care of. The doctor here was amazing. He was really thorough in his explanation before, and he just made me feel so at ease about my surgery. The staff here are very personable, they're funny, and they're very nice. I've had an amazing experience here. I am absolutely so happy that I chose Utah Surgical Arts to get my wisdom teeth removed. I feel like it was the right choice."

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