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Meet Taylor

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Taylor was nervous to have her wisdom teeth removed. Dr. Harris made sure Taylor felt relaxed and comfortable.

Taylor had her wisdom teeth removed at Utah Surgical Arts in South Jordan, UT

Taylor's Story

"So, I had to get my wisdom teeth taken out. We decided to do it when I was a little bit younger, but it was mainly just to get them out and then so I could serve a mission eventually. I'd heard a lot that it was going to be scary and that it was going to hurt, so I was pretty nervous. Dr. Harris was really nice, and he made the whole procedure really easy and just comfortable. It went well. I honestly don't remember a lot because I didn't really feel anything. I'm sure that they were talking to me during it, and I was probably funny, but I don't remember a lot because it went smoothly. I would definitely recommend my friends to come here to Utah Surgical Arts just because the experience is awesome, and I would also tell them to not be too scared because honestly, it's a pretty easy procedure, especially here at Utah Surgical Arts. You really just feel comfortable and like nothing will go wrong."

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