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Meet Jorden

Video Review

Jordan dislikes needles and was very nervous about getting an IV. Dr. Harris used jokes to distract Jorden and help him feel more relaxed.

Jorden got his wisdom teeth removed at Utah Surgical Arts in Payson, UT

Jorden's Story

"Hi, I’m Jorden; I’m from Lindon, Utah. I came to see Dr. Harris because I needed to get my wisdom teeth out for my mission. I hate shots and needles, so getting an IV was not my favorite part. The staff were very friendly, and the office was very comfortable, so it kind of calmed my nerves a little bit. Dr. Harris was really good about explaining what was happening and the kind of needle that he was using and just kind of explaining it a little bit more to take the unknown fear out of it. Dr. Harris was super funny, just kind of told me some jokes; like, I was really scared about the needle again, and he kind of just told me some jokes and kind of tried to take my mind off of it. I was worried if I would miss school, and he kind of just promised me I wouldn’t and told me if I did miss school, he would miss work and come hang out with me. The staff were all super friendly. They were very talkative. It was just very welcoming; it was just kind of nice. It wasn’t like they were busy or that I was a hassle; they were just very fine with me being there. If any of my friends in Lindon or Pleasant Grove or American Fork were getting their wisdom teeth out, I would definitely recommend coming to Utah Surgical Arts."

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