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Meet Zach

Video Review

Zach’s wisdom teeth removal was an absolute success. The doctors did an incredible job and took great care of him throughout the entire process.

Zack had his wisdom teeth removed at Utah Surgical Arts in Lehi, UT

Zach's Story

"Hi, I’m Zach. I’m from Provo. I came here to Utah Surgical Arts to get my wisdom teeth removed. The practice here is very clean. The doctor that performed my procedure was amazing. I really did feel extremely confident in his abilities in that he was going to take good care of me. The staff is very nice. They did a very good job of keeping everything very light and casual. The procedure was an absolute success, and the doctor did make sure to take care of me throughout the entire process. To my friends and family in Provo, if anybody is looking to get their wisdom teeth removed from there, I would definitely recommend it. They did an incredible job removing my wisdom teeth, and I know they would do the same for you."

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