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Meet Merri

Video Review

Dr. Park was very thorough and friendly with Meri’s sons. Their procedures were all successful without any complications.

Merri's sons had their wisdom teeth removed at Utah Surgical Arts in South Jordan, UT

Merri's Story

"We came to see Dr. Park because my boys needed to get their wisdom teeth out, and their dentist encouraged us to get it done. We came to the office, and Dr. Park was very thorough, very friendly. Tried to make you relax, tried to relate to my son on a personal level, and tried to talk to him about his hobbies and his interests, what he liked, and just really tried to calm him down and ease any fears. The procedures went really well, and Dr. Park was very thorough beforehand and afterhand to explain what happened and how they did, and they monitored them the whole time. The staff was very friendly, very kind, and willing to help out. They're very helpful on the phone when I called, and we were really pleased. I would recommend Utah Surgical Arts to anyone."

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