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Meet Nick

Video Review

Nick felt right at home with the friendly doctors and staff. Dr. Harris removed his wisdom teeth quickly with minimal swelling or complications.

Nick had his wisdom teeth removed at Utah Surgical Arts in South Jordan, UT

Nick's Story

"Hi, my name is Nick. I live in Spanish Fork, Utah, and I got my wisdom teeth out here at Utah Surgical Arts. The staff here was very friendly and very welcoming. I felt at home and not stressed at all by any of the procedures. Dr. Harris was also very friendly and very fast, and I felt also very comfortable in the surgery room. I felt very safe, and I trusted him to do my wisdom teeth. I actually ended up going to a football game that same night because I didn’t swell up too much — I didn’t look too odd. I would definitely recommend Dr. Harris because of how fast and how fast the recovery was. It wasn’t a hassle at all; it was very easy and fast and not a lot of pain."

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