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Meet Kaela

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Kaela was nervous to have her wisdom teeth removed. Dr. Harris was comforting, and the staff made sure she felt calm and relaxed.

Kaela got her wisdom teeth removed at Utah Surgical Arts in Payson, UT

Kaela's Story

"Dr. Harris is a good family friend of ours, and so I came to get my wisdom teeth out. I was very nervous. I don't do well with needles, I've never gone under, so yeah, I was super nervous. They were very helpful. They welcomed me in; they talked to me. They just went through everything, explained everything that was going to happen, so it was no mystery to me. They helped me ease my nerves a lot. Dr. Harris is such a great guy. He was very welcoming. He came in, talked to me, and right before I was going under, he just was talking about home — the kind of things that could draw my attention away from what was actually going on. The procedure was very easy. I had to get four wisdom teeth out. They weren't impacted or anything, but yeah, I was very nervous. Right when I went under, I couldn't feel a thing, and I woke up, and it was very easy, and I'm very grateful for that. My recovery wasn't bad either. I didn't swell or anything. The office sent me flowers, which was really nice, and it made me feel like they actually cared about me, so that was very nice of them, and it helped me recover, definitely. I would definitely recommend my friends to come to get their wisdom teeth out from Dr. Harris. I actually have told a few friends to come already, so he's got some of my friends coming. "

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