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Meet Jack

Dr. Park put Jack’s daughter’s mind at ease.

My name is Jack; I’m from Highland, Utah. My daughter came to see Dr. Park because she needed her wisdom teeth taken out. Dr. Park really helped my daughter feel at home with the surgery — she was really nervous coming in — by explaining the procedure to her and helping her to know that everything would be okay and really put her mind at ease before she had the surgery. Her procedure went really well; in fact, her recovery was very quick, and she was back to her normal activities within a really short time. Dr. Park was unlike any other doctor that we’ve seen; he showed a lot of personal care, which we’ve never really experienced in a doctor before, and to us that extra personal touch and going that extra mile really made a difference for us. I would highly recommend Dr. Park; his personality, the way he made my daughter feel comfortable, and then his after-procedure support was amazing. We would highly recommend him. In fact, we have three other children, and we anticipate all three coming to Dr. Park down the road.

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